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Our Story

Just as the afternoon sun begins its journey towards evening, Bahraini fishing dhows head out to deeper waters as they have done for centuries. The mewling gulls flap and follow them singing a farewell to match the songs that the fishermen have always sung. Sea shanties as old as time, variations of which can be heard on the Malabar coast around southern India, and the icy regions of the north Atlantic sea; echoing down the corridors of time dancing on waves in the Pacific ocean as well as the coves and clear waters of the Bahamas.

Our Bahraini dhows return the next morning when the sun has almost completed its journey around the earth and is beginning to send its first early rays over the horizon. Their nets and fish traps are heavy with a fresh catch of hammour, sherry, safi, snapper, sea bream…

Another group of fisher folk, the shrimpers return with lobsters, shrimp, crab, mussels and shellfish of all kinds ready for auction at 4:00a.m.

And, as for the last forty years, one of the oldest families in retail fishing, the people (FISH DELMON) behind Fish Express, are there at the market ready to banter, barter and trade to get the best selections of fish and shellfish, marine delicacies to please even the most demanding seafood connoisseur.

Today, Fish Express, does more than go to the fish auctions in Bahrain, we reach out to.. Salmon – Norway, Scallops – Europe, Prawns- Bahrain, India, Local Prawns, Seabass & Seabream – Europe, Crabs & Mussels – Local Produce