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Blue Swimming Crab

Blue Swimming Crab

Portunus pelagicus, also known as the flower crab, blue crab, blue swimmer crab, blue manna crab or sand crab, rajungan in Indonesian,and alimasag in Tagalog, is a large crab found in the intertidal estuaries of the Indian and West Pacific Oceans, and as a Lesseps an migrant in the eastern Mediterranean Sea. The name “flower crab” is used in East Asian countries while the latter names are used in Australia. The crabs are widely distributed in eastern Africa, Southeast Asia, East Asia, Australia, Persian Gulf, New Zealand and Indonesia. He males are bright blue in colour with white spots and with characteristically long chelipeds, while the females have a duller green/brown, with a more rounded carapace. The carapace can be up to 20 centimetres (7.9 in) wide.

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Blue crab serves as a good source of high-quality protein. Your meal plan should have 46 to 56 g of protein in it each day this macronutrient not only promotes the development of muscle; it serves as a food from which your body can derive energy.